About Activator 1000

Clean and Control Odors in Your Septic System

Since we first began, Activator 1000 has been building our business on helping those in the community of Pittsboro, NC, and throughout the U.S. with septic treatments and products. We want to ensure our customers’ septic systems will run efficiently for years to come by providing them with the products they need to conduct regular septic maintenance and treatments. Each of the products we offer helps break down the sludge and odor-causing scum in your septic system. From our cleaning powder and tank treatment to our odor eliminator, we have what you need for your system to run properly. 


Get Rid of Sludge and Scum

Our cleaning powder introduces good bacteria and enzymes into your tank to eliminate clogs and backups while ensuring solids are breaking down all the way. Our liquid tank treatment provides our customers with peace of mind that their system will run smoothly, without problems with sludge or scum. In addition, our odor eliminator does just what it says, ridding your system of any sewage smells emanating from your toilets and sinks.

We recommend using each of our products once a month to keep the fragile ecosystem in your septic system balanced. We provide a number of supply options for our products, from a three-month to 72-month supply. We also offer automatic shipments on a number of our products. Contact us today to submit your first order.

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